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What is the Apprentice Program?

The apprentice program with IDI is a guided and collaborative approach to deepening your intimacy practice. This is a professional mentorship program designed to increase access and communication, across the globe, for the development of new intimacy professionals.


Applications to participate in this program are accepted twice a year. To ensure the efficacy of our training, IDI will only accept at most 10 new apprentices per cycle of applications. 

The current round of applications will close October 30th, 11:59 EST

Who can apply to the Apprentice Program?

All applicants must have completed at least 50 hours of training with an IDI Lead Instructor. Hours are accumulated via the following, and all participants must have attended at least 1 workshop in the past 12 months:


  • 3-day IDI Intimacy Intensive (25 hours)

  • Choreographer/Pedagogy Intensive (50 hours)

  • Private Workshops with Lead Instructors or Certified IDs (hours as assigned)

  • Personal Mentorship with Lead Instructor or Certified ID

Applications are not guaranteed to be accepted. All applications are thoroughly reviewed by a team for a range of skills and experiences, and only 10 spots are available per cycle.


Please remember that spots are limited in this program. If you have any questions regarding your hours or qualifications feel free to reach out at


What is included in the Apprentice Program?

The Apprentice Program is built to be accessible from all over the world and is a way to maximize our reach as we work to train more intimacy directors, choreographers, and coordinators. If accepted into this program, you will receive:


  • Virtual Webinars devoted to special topics in Intimacy Direction
  • Collaborative Online Network of other Apprentices
  • Opportunities to Shadow and Assist IDs

  • Bi-Annual Review

Annual Fees: $120/year (Paid once accepted into the apprentice program)


Application Instructions

Please download the current application instructions: HERE

When completed, please upload your application: HERE

This round of applications will close on October 30th, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. If you have any questions regarding the Apprentice program or the application, please contact us at Your patience is appreciated as we respond to the high volume of inquiries. Thanks!

-Team IDI


Working as an Intimacy Director or Coordinator requires a range of skill, experience and understanding. In order to begin your journey training in the intricacies of Intimacy Direction/Coordination we look for candidates with at least 5 years experience in each of the following: 


Choreography (Fight, Dance, Physical Theatre)
Movement Coaching
Acting coaching

For those interested in working as an Intimacy Coordinator we also require professional experience in the following:


camera techniques
onset etiquette
film crew structure
production coordination

Along with these prerequisites, you can continue your journey in preparation for training in this work by gaining experience in these areas:
Body language
Anti-harassment and reporting structures
Audience protocols
Production liaison
Theatre/Film working process and jargon
Trauma literacy
Trauma stewardship
Nudity and sexual content laws
Power dynamics
Mental Health First aid
Diplomacy and negotiation
Diversity and Inclusion
Implicit bias
Conflict resolution 


Additional Information