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Intimacy Direction is the codified practice of choreographing moments of staged intimacy in order to create safe, repeatable, and effective storytelling. 


The Intimacy Director is more than a choreographer; they are an advocate for the ensemble and for each actor. The Intimacy Director takes responsibility for the emotional safety of the actors and anyone else in the rehearsal hall while they are present. For this reason, we recommend seeking out a certified Intimacy Director through Intimacy Directors International.  


All of our Intimacy Directors are freelance artists and independent contractors who negotiate their own fees including travel and housing, if necessary.


Read more about IDI's 5-Pillar Approach to Intimacy Direction HERE


Q. What is Intimacy for the Stage?

Tonia Sina pioneered Intimacy Choreography while she was working on her MFA in Movement Pedagogy. Since her thesis was published in 2006, her approach has developed into a unique method, Intimacy For The Stage, which is in demand internationally. The philosophy of The Pillars is based on research behind this method. 

Q. How is Intimacy Coordination different than Intimacy Direction?

Intimacy coordination is for film specifically, and Intimacy Direction is for live performance. Although both are based on the same philosophy  (The Five Pillars), Intimacy Coordination was translated and developed by Alicia Rodis to create a method that can be used for film. Both are internationally utilized and taught at IDI workshops. 

ESP Methodology | Adam Noble

This E.S.P. Technique has been developed with the needs of the university student in mind. Combining emotional fitness work with consent work, the ESP method has been effectively utilized to allow students to engage in intimate scene work for the purposes of their acting education both inside and outside of the classroom. 

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