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  • Implements proper protocols for scenes containing intimacy, simulated sex, nudity or high emotional content

  • Liaisons between production and actors

  • Movement coaches for scenes with intimacy, simulated sex, and/or nudity

  • Advocates for actors

IDI Certified Intimacy Coordinators Can Offer:
  • Consultation with directors and producers
  • Consultation of what specifically will work for your set and production
  • Liaisoning between actors, directors, and producers
  • Collaboration and liaisoning between departments (costumes, make-up, etc)
  • Movement Direction and Choreography of intimate scenes
  • Ensuring protocols specific to each set are adhered to
  • Ensuring SAG and other Union Guidelines are being followed
  • Research and knowledge in regards to the history and presence of sexual culture
  • Ensuring nudity rider language is complete and clear
  • Advocacy and allyship for all cast and crew members (LGBTG2, race, disability, etc)

We are in a great cultural shift and everyone is desperately trying to catch up. It takes a lot of guts, courage and humility to look at something that has been done a certain way for years and say, “We can do better.”

                                                                                       - Alicia Rodis, Intimacy Directors International, HBO.COM