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Workshops for Students + Faculty

Intimacy Direction for University Productions

Personalized Protocols

.Using IDI's 5-Pillar approach, students receive the tools needed to create safe spaces for intimate work in an academic setting.


These workshops focus on the practical applications of consent in the theatre and creating believable stories of intimacy through IDI developed acting techniques.

Faculty seminars provide tools to foster creativity and consent in the classroom, allowing students to dive deeper into their scene work. 

Working with your department, we create policies that fit the unique needs of your school. 


Our protocols are made for those who want to educate and update their entire department on the new standards for handling scenes of intimacy and sexual violence.


We specifically address not only actors, and directors, but professors, stage management and the entire production team for the promotion of health, safety, and effective storytelling.  


Bring in a Certified Intimacy Director to choreograph your production. 


In addition to your professionally choreographed production, our Lead Instructors can combine the workshop environment with the production, empowering your students with practical experiences that will prepare them to work safely and effectively in the professional industry. 


IDI Lead Instructors can help your entire production team develop safe and effective language and standards for intimacy on stage.